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Golf carts are among the many vehicles that reap massive benefits from LiFePO₄ Lithium batteries. Our LiFePO₄ Lithium Battery solutions will give you less weight, more power, shorter charging intervals, and zero maintenance over lead-acid batteries! This also means you can enjoy more mileage on a single charge with stronger acceleration up hills. Upgrade your golf cart to see the benefits for yourself!

Choosing the Right Voltage: 12V LiFePO₄ Lithium Batteries

  • 12V 7Ah LiFePO₄ Lithium Battery

  • 12V 10Ah LiFePO₄ Lithium Battery

  • 12V 20Ah LiFePO₄ Lithium Battery

  • 12V 100Ah LiFePO₄ Lithium Battery

What battery is right for ham radio solutions?

– Ham radios are a great way to stay connected, whether you’re out on a hike or in the middle of an emergency.

– But what type of battery should you use to power your radio?

– Deep cycle batteries are designed to be discharged and recharged multiple times, making them a good choice for long-term use.

– If you need a long-lasting solution for extended use, deep cycle batteries are a good option.

discover GoldenMate lithium batteries


Be Prepared and Stay on the Air with Dependable Backup Power.

GOLDENMATE 12V 20Ah LiFePO₄ Lithium Battery optimized specifically for HAM radio equipment and serves as the replacement for traditional lead acid and NiMh batteries. It will give you twice the run time for your ham radio while lasting 4x longer, providing exceptional lifetime value. Our batteries, at less than half the weight but with greatly enhanced performance characteristics, are highly attractive as enhanced power options for such applications and offer markedly improved runtime and performance without the need for expensive battery-boosting equipment allowing for even HF systems such as 100 Watt HF SSB radios to be truly portable.

What Battery Do I Need for My Ham Radio?

GOLDENMATE batteries are drop-in replacements for sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. That means, if your backup power system uses an SLA or any 12V battery, you can replace it with a GOLDENMATE Lithium. You will get double the run time and broadcast time of lead acid by upgrading to GOLDENMATE Lithium.


For most radio operators we recommend a GOLDENMATE Lithium 10 amp hour (Ah) battery with a small solar panel to create a lightweight, off-the-grid solution.

For radio operators looking to operate multiple devices, or who broadcast off-grid, or who may operate in disaster and emergency response situations we recommend the GOLDENMATE 12V 20Ah LiFePO₄ Lithium Battery. This can power both 12V DC devices and 110V AC devices like laptops, monitors, refrigerators and TVs, and is versatile, allowing you to power your radio when in the field and your home electronics anywhere. Plus, the added ability to jump-start a car, truck, or boat engine in an emergency gives peace of mind on remote expeditions or late-night adventures.

- The GOLDENMATE 12V 20Ah LiFePO₄ Lithium Battery is a drop-in replacement for 18Ah and 20Ah SLA batteries but with 3X the battery range & runtime, This is the most common battery used by Pride Ultra Go-Go mobility scooters. making it the ultimate scooter battery upgrade. It replaces UB12180, FM12180, 6fm18 and more. SIZE 7.13 in (181mm) L x 3.01 in (77mm) W x 6.57 in (167mm) H.

- The GOLDENMATE 12V 10Ah LiFePO₄ Lithium Battery is a drop-in replacement for 7Ah, 9Ah, and 10Ah SLA batteries but with 2-3X the battery range and runtime. Replaces UB1270 and UB1280 and others. SIZE 5.94″x 2.56″x 3.74″ (151 x 65 x 96mm).

- The GOLDENMATE 12V 100Ah LiFePO₄ Lithium Battery is a drop-in replacement for 12V 75Ah SLA batteries in pride mobility scooters and other brands. If your battery looks like a boxy car battery then this battery would be the ultimate upgrade. Our largest battery for mobility scooters, this battery provides 4X the usable power of a 75Ah SLA battery. That means if you had a 10 miles battery range before you will enjoy 40 miles of driving range after you upgrade. 

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