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Your Complete Guide for Choosing a Golf Cart Battery

Your Complete Guide for Choosing a Golf Cart Battery

Golf cart batteries are important to golf cart owners. A quality golf cart battery will last long. It will also help you enjoy your golfing experience. 

A golf cart battery is a unique battery made for golf carts. It powers the vehicle to move around. This battery looks different from car batteries. It has different energy capacities and designs from a car battery. This makes it suitable for a golf cart.

Before buying a golf cart battery, you should remember certain things. For example, how long will it last? How can I maintain it? This article will discuss each question in detail. 

Your Complete Guide for Choosing a Golf Cart Battery

Types of Golf Cart Batteries

Here are the four main types of golf cart batteries:

Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries

These are very common. They are known as traditional golf cart batteries. They are easy to maintain and affordable. 

However, they do not last long when in use. Their durability is about 2-5 years. Lead acid batteries are heavy to carry.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Golf Cart Batteries

These batteries have fiberglass plates and absorbent electrolytes. These allow it to charge five times faster than traditional batteries. They also rarely have leaks. The batteries need little to no maintenance and can last up to 7 years. 

AGM batteries are expensive. You will spend a lot of money if you have several golf carts.

Gel Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries

These batteries use gel to suspend the battery electrolyte. Electrons flow through the gel from the electrolyte. This protects the battery from leaking. It also reduces maintenance. The gel lead-acid batteries also work well during cold weather.

Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are small and lightweight. They can last for as long as 20 years. They also need very little maintenance.

Although expensive, they are cost-effective. Lithium-ion batteries do not self-discharge like other types. It can sit for hours without power drainage.

Your Complete Guide for Choosing a Golf Cart Battery

Average Life Expectancy of Golf Cart Batteries

The lifespan of golf cart batteries depends on different factors. However, the general lifespan is between 4-6 years. 

Factors Influencing the Lifespan of a Golf Cart Battery

Several factors influence the life span of the batteries. They include:

Charging: You need to ensure your battery is fully charged after use. Failure to do so weakens the battery. After charging, most batteries will last for many hours. Avoid overcharging your battery. This can also reduce its lifespan.

Storage: Golf cart batteries come with a storage area. This area must be clean and dry at all times. Otherwise, it will reduce your battery’s life span.

Maintenance Regime: How many times do you maintain your battery every week? Once? Twice? Regular maintenance can extend the battery’s lifespan.

Frequency of Use: The more you use your golf cart, the weaker the battery becomes. 

Quality of the Battery: High-quality batteries last longer than cheaper substitutes. So, choose quality for a longer lifespan.

Features of the Golf Cart: Extra features on the cart, like headlights, can drain the battery and reduce its lifespan.

Comparison between Different Types of Batteries and Their Average Lifespan

The average lifespan of a golf cart battery depends on the type. Lead-acid batteries last for 2-5 years of regular use. Absorbed glass mat and gel lead acid batteries last up to 7 years. Lithium-ion batteries last for up to 20 years with maintenance. Personal golf carts last longer than fleet carts used by different people every day.

Your Complete Guide for Choosing a Golf Cart Battery

Signs a Golf Cart Battery Needs Replacement

Different signs show that your golf cart battery needs replacement. Here are five (5) signs to look out for:

Charging Pace: As the battery ages, it starts charging slowly. If you notice that your battery is taking up to 10 hours to recharge, then it needs replacement.

Acceleration: Poor acceleration means you need to replace your golf cart batteries. Usually, stepping on the gas pedal moves the golf cart. So, if the cart struggles to move, its batteries are aging. You need to replace them promptly.

Slow Speed: A golf cart can move many miles daily before recharging. But if it starts moving slower, know you need a battery replacement. 

Leaks: Leaking from the storage area means that the batteries are weak. If you notice leaks, clean it up and replace the battery on time. This way you prevent more problems.

Battery Damage: The batteries might start to budge or corrode. This damage can cause more severe issues. When you notice damage to the battery, change it immediately.

Additional 4 Signs to Know if You Need New Golf Cart Batteries

What signs do you need to identify before buying new golf cart batteries? 

  • If the batteries start failing and don’t charge fast
  • If the golf cart loses its power faster than before
  • If it can move with pace and speed
  • If it starts leaking acid or bulging 

How to Recognize When Your Battery's Performance Declines

It is important to recognize when your battery’s performance is declining. Here are some things that indicate its failure:

  • The slow pace of the golf cart
  • Difficulty in climbing hills
  • Frequent loss of power
  • Longer charging periods
  • Reduced battery range
  • Mechanical damage to the battery

Your Complete Guide for Choosing a Golf Cart Battery

Maximizing the Lifespan of Golf Cart Batteries

What are the best ways to increase your battery's lifespan? Check out some tips and tricks that work:

Use the Right Charger

Follow the golf cart manufacturer's guidelines. Do not use any charger not recommended by the manufacturer. Using the wrong charger can reduce the battery’s lifespan.

Manage Fluid Levels

Too much water is bad for your batteries. Too little water is not ideal either. You need to manage your battery’s fluid levels. This way, your battery will not corrode or start leaking. You will improve its lifespan.

Trickle Charge

When you leave your golf cart without use, the battery weakens. You avoid this outcome when you trickle charge. Trickle charging means charging the battery to maintain its power level and health.

Buy Cost-Effective Batteries

Don’t buy cheap batteries; instead, use high-quality batteries. They last for a long time and will save you maintenance costs.

Your Complete Guide for Choosing a Golf Cart Battery

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance: Best Practices

Some of the best practices are:

  • Charge your batteries every day, but do not overcharge.
  • Keep the batteries neat and dry, as dirt can erode the batteries.
  • Store batteries in a cool, dry place.
  • Regularly maintain the batteries.
  • Buy suitable batteries for your golf cart.

The Impact of Power Consumption on Battery Life

Some golf cart models require more power than other models. These types of golf carts come with unique features that can reduce the battery’s lifespan. Headlights, fog lights, and better accelerators can strain your battery and weaken its capacity.

Advantages of Upgrading to Lithium Batteries for Golf Carts

Upgrading to a lithium-ion battery is one of the best things you can do for your golf cart. Here are some advantages:

  • Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and portable. You can carry them easily. They also free up space in the golf cart.
  • They charge faster than other batteries.
  • They are sealed, so they need little maintenance.
  • They have a large energy capacity, so they last long after charging.
  • They last longer than other types of batteries. With proper maintenance, it can reach 20 years of use.

Cost Considerations

Before you buy a new battery, consider how much it will cost. The prices of the batteries depend on different factors. It can be because of your area, the brand, and market situations. Still, here is an example of how much each of the batteries could cost:

  • Lead acid batteries - $400 - $800
  • Gel lead acid batteries - $500 - $1000
  • AGM batteries - $800 - $1500
  • Lithium batteries - $2000 +

Comparing Costs: Traditional Batteries vs. Upgrading to Lithium Batteries

When it comes to costs, lithium batteries are more expensive than other types. This is because they are a new technology. They also have a longer battery lifespan. 

Many golf cart owners have realized that it is more cost-effective to buy lithium batteries. They need less maintenance. They also stay for longer periods.


A golf cart makes the golfing experience worthwhile. The battery allows the cart to move smoothly. You can enjoy your golf cart when you maintain the battery correctly. Know when to replace your batteries. Make the replacement on time with high-quality golf cart lithium batteries. 

Order low-maintenance, affordable, and durable golf cart batteries from Goldenmate Energy today. 

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