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How To Charge A Trolling Motor Battery

How To Charge A Trolling Motor Battery

Let's talk about motor batteries, these are specially designed batteries for a boat trolling motor. The main purpose is to provide electricity over an extended period of time when the slow trolling through into some fishing areas. To understand how it works, or what kind of trolling batteries you should choose, it is very important to understand the different types and the main characteristics that the market offers deterioration.

Understanding Trolling Motor Batteries

To understand how the battery works, we are going to explain the main purpose for the battery, which kind of types exist and how we can prevent the deterioration and improve the lifespan. Also we are going to recommend to you which battery is better for you to use in your trolling motor.

Types of batteries commonly used for trolling motors

To start, it is important to mention that through the time, there were two main types of deep-cycle recommended for use with trolling motors: Lead acid and AGM batteries.

To understand the terms, “Deep cycle” means the batteries are designed for discharging smaller amounts of current over a longer period of time and for more recharging.

Also, the traditional batteries are still being the most popular trolling motor batteries but lithium batteries are catching on.

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries 

These kinds of batteries are very common deep cycle batteries for trolling motors. They can handle frequent draining and recharging associated with trolling motor use. These batteries can be purchased for less than 100$ in many retail outlets. In contrast, they require occasional maintenance and they are also prone to vibration.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Matt) Batteries:

The Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries are advanced lead that are entirely sealed and more stable than the other like flooded lead acid batteries. These contain glass fiber mats which separate the positive and negative plates inside the battery, also it helps to absorb the battery acid. The AGM batteries provide a slightly longer run time and better life relative to flooded lead acid batteries, for approximately 2-3 years and the AGM for up to 4 years.

Lithium Batteries:

These kinds of batteries are the most popular rechargeable battery chemistry nowadays. The power of these batteries are used in every device like mobile phones and electric vehicles. Lithium ion batteries consist of multiple lithium ion cells, along with a protective circuit board. Also, they are referred to as batteries once the cells are installed inside a device with the protective circuit board.

How To Charge A Trolling Motor Battery

Voltage and capacity considerations for trolling motor batteries

Now, let's talk about the voltage, batteries for trolling motors come in 12 volts, but the trolling motors come in 12, 24 and 36 volts. So you have to check how many voltages you need to get the same quantity of voltage. Also, it is important to verify the status of your battery, for example, a healthy 12-volt battery should have 12.88 volts. If it has less than 12.64 volts, then your battery is working only at 75% charge and it will  probably not last long on the water, so be careful with this recommendation. 

Maintenance tips to prolong battery lifespan

Some tips that you can follow to prolong the battery lifespan are explaining in the following steps:

Store your batteries in a cool place

As we talk about this topic in other articles, One of the most important tips when it comes to taking care of your batteries is being safe. This kind of battery should always be in a cool place and avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures can cause chemical reactions inside the battery reducing its lifespan.

Do not overcharge your rechargeable batteries

Another important tip is you have to avoid the rechargeable battery degradation. Try to avoid leaving your devices on charge for long periods of time. 

Avoid dropping your batteries

This is true in all kinds of batteries, especially the expensive rechargeable ones. They have fragile components, which can damage the battery and the result is a reduction fo the lifespan

Preparing for Charging

There are some kind of methods to preserve your batteries or recommendations that you can follow. For example, you can wear safety gears to protect against hazards. Other recommendation is charge the battery in a ventilated area to dissipate the gasses, avoid leaving over the battery while the engine is running. 

Charging Process

Before purchasing a new battery, it is important to know the entire process to charge a battery. So to start, you have to select the appropriate charger for the battery type and size.

Battery Type

Different kinds of batteries have a different cycle of charge. For lead acid batteries (AGM) you have to select a charger with an amp output of 20% of the total battery.
Different kinds of batteries require the own charger because the battery chemistry reacts differently when being charged.

Charge Profile

The profile includes the maximum charge voltage and maximum charge current, this is important information that you must know before to get a battery, because you can severely reduce the battery lifespan if you don't achieve the requirement.

Multiple Charging Sources

There are some specific rules that you must not exceed if you have the ability to run multiple charging sources at the same time. But the good news is that to have a lot of charging sources down the current output of the charger 

Different Types of Battery Chargers

To begin with, AC to DC chargers are designed to charge batteries from a generator power, so you must use a 12V generator supply, use a regulated charger and plug it into the AC source. This is a benefit if you are in another zone, and the hour from the realist fuel station is not near you. 

How To Charge A Trolling Motor Battery

Charging Techniques for Different Battery Types

Lead-acid batteries: Bulk charging, absorption charging, and float charging methods

About the lead acid batteries, you have to control the following things: 

Monitor water levels, you do not let the water level fall below what they indicate. Also, you have to use the correct water type. Another very important thing is to start the day with the entire battery charged for at least 15 minutes or more daily. 

AGM batteries: Charging considerations and recommended techniques

The recommendation for AGM batteries is that you have to charge under normal conditions, which I mean 12 volts only 80 percent of its full capacity. Many new battery chargers have something specific for this kind of battery. It is important to remember that this kind of technology is different from GEL batteries and has its own chagrin requirements.

Lithium-ion batteries: Specific charging requirements and precautions

The best practice for the lithium ion batteries are critical, and it is important to preventing damage and extending battery life, you can follow some practice to have a better lifespan and get some precautions:
One of them is monitoring temperature during the charging process, avoid the higher or lower temperature, also using the appropriate charger that are designed specially for this kind of batteries, additionally, achieving the precautions that comes with the manual to prevent the deterioration.

Post-Charging Maintenance

Post charging maintenance is one of the best way to have a better life time capacity. We can recommend some tips to improve the maintenance:

  1. Charge battery once it is down to 20% capacity.
  2. Equaliser charge when it becomes necessary.
  3. Turn off your device when the battery is being affected by the temperature.
  4. Clean the battery one time in their battery life. 
How To Charge A Trolling Motor Battery


    Recap of the importance of proper charging for trolling motor batteries is that we have three main types of deep cycle 12 volt batteries, they are lead acid Wet cell, AGM and lithium batteries. It is very important to decide which kind of batteries you have to select the best one for you. We recommended checking more information in our blog page to get the entire process to get a new battery and get the best for you. 

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