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Experience Installing a Massive Lithium Battery Bank

"All the photos and content are authorized by"Paul Barger." Many thanks to them for sharing such great content and stunning pictures with us!"

Hello, fellow adventurers and tech enthusiasts! Today, I want to share a game-changing experience that has transformed my life on the road. Inspired by Paul Barger's recent YouTube video, I embarked on a journey to upgrade my mobile living setup with a massive lithium battery bank. Here's my story of installing the GoldenMate 12.8V 200AH LIFEPO4 batteries and how it revolutionized my off-grid lifestyle.

Experience Installing a Massive Lithium Battery Bank

The Need for Power:

Living in a converted bus, power has always been a critical issue. From powering my laptop and camera for my remote work to ensuring my fridge and lights are running smoothly, reliable energy is key. I used to rely on a mix of traditional batteries and occasional generator use, but it was neither efficient nor eco-friendly. That's when I stumbled upon Paul Barger's video about installing a huge lithium battery bank.

Experience Installing a Massive Lithium Battery Bank

Choosing the Right Battery:

Paul's choice of the GoldenMate LIFEPO4 200 amp-hour battery caught my attention. These lithium iron phosphate batteries promised longevity, efficiency, and a hefty power supply. After thorough research and comparing several options, I decided to follow in Paul's footsteps.

Experience Installing a Massive Lithium Battery Bank

The Installation Adventure:

The installation was an adventure in itself. Like Paul, I ordered three of these 200 amp-hour batteries, aiming for a total of 600 amp-hours. The unboxing felt like Christmas came early, but the real challenge was fitting them into my limited bus space.

I designed a custom cabinet similar to Paul's setup, ensuring safe and accessible storage for the batteries. The installation process was a mix of excitement and hard work, especially when maneuvering these hefty batteries into place.

Experience Installing a Massive Lithium Battery Bank

Life with 600 Amp-Hours:

The impact was immediate and profound. With 600 amp-hours, I could power everything in my bus without a second thought. My work equipment, kitchen appliances, and even some luxury items like my small air conditioner ran seamlessly.

The best part? The eco-friendly aspect. These batteries are not only efficient but also have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Plus, their longevity means less waste over time.

Experience Installing a Massive Lithium Battery Bank


This upgrade has been a game-changer. I have more freedom to travel off-grid without worrying about power. Inspired by Paul Barger's video, I've not only enhanced my living situation but also taken a significant step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

For anyone living on the road or considering an off-grid setup, I can't recommend this upgrade enough. It's an investment in both convenience and sustainability. Remember, with the right setup, the world is your backyard!

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