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Essential and Advanced Gear for Kayak Fishing

Essential and Advanced Gear for Kayak Fishing

In this article, we are going to talk about what is the essential kayak fishing gear in 2024. There are so many gadgets that you can take with you, but you have to choose only what is the most important for your kayak experience. So let's start with the main essential things.

Essential Kayak Fishing Gear

There are some essential kayak fishing gear that can not be missed if you are going to do this activity with a lot of frequency, the most important are  the kayak, paddle, some personal flotation devices and the tackle box and storage solution.


In this case, one of the most important things to leave with you is the life jacket. This is due no matter if you are an olympic participant or if you know how to swim very well, you need to have the life jacket because you do not know when you are going to need it, especially if you practise this sport very frequently.


This is one of the best things that you can spend a little bit more to have a better quality, a better paddle, this is because more expensive, is more expensive and lighter than the others. There are different kinds of size and color that you can buy to have a better experience kayak fishing gear. As a recommendation, it is better to buy an expensive paddle to have a better experience in your fishing gears.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

There are so many kinds of personal flotation devices ideal for your kayak fishing activity. It is very important to have comfortable clothing and, depending on the season, some ways to protect it from the sun, rain and cold. Also it is very important to have it when the temperature approaches freezing. 

Tackle Box and Storage Solutions

Another important essential is the Kayak Fishing tackle storage has exploded into a booming market. The key is keep it from being overwhelmed when you get on the water.

Essential and Advanced Gear for Kayak Fishing

Advanced Kayak Fishing Gear

Fish Finder and GPS

The important and popular range is the fish finder for kayaking activities. The models we stok are some units very important to get in your backpack. The GPS is one of the most popular gadgets to get your location with more precision than others, for example, your phone. It is better that you have a gadget that is specially for their user as a GPS.

Anchor System

The main purpose to have the anchor system is to have the dual purpose piece of kayak fishing gear that is just nice to have around. It can be a safety accessory to assist kayak anglers. It is used during snorkelling and freediving. 

Kayak Fishing Accessories

When you go to do Kayak Fishing activities, it is very common that you are exposed to many elements that can be a problem in this kind of activities, that's the reason why we catch with us some accessories to avoid having any problem in the process to realise this activity. 

Life Jackets

As we mentioned before, the life jacket is one of the most essential items for all trips that you are going to have. A good life jacket comes with an ergonomic design, so it is very comfortable to wear and protect you. 

First Aid Kits

This accessory could be perfect when you are doing kayak fishing activity overnight or during a regular session. If you are out on the water, you can have these handy items and can stop from turning.

Standing Assists

Kayaks normally are very stable, but if you have an important assistant, it could be better for developing the activity, and additional equipment can help to make standing up easier for some users. 

Sun Protection

Another beneficial thing that you can do when you go kayaking is sun protection. Because you do not know how many days you could practice the activity and it is better to protect your health.

Essential and Advanced Gear for Kayak Fishing

Electric Trolling Motor

Let's start to talk about electric trolling motors, it is a small electric motor that is located on the bow. This is used specially for moving a fishing boat quietly.  


This kind of motors are available in 12 volt, 12/24, 24 and 36 volt configurations. More voltage means more larger electric motors.


When we choose a new trolling motor, you have to choose the highest output as you can, due more is better talking about power. It is better to have and not need it. Generally every 400 pounds of your boat's weight needs about 5 pounds of thrust. 


A trolling motor uses electricity to generate enough power, that is they come with batteries, so you need to implement that on your boat. Also, the battery should have at least a plan on one more deep cycle battery for the trolling motor. Another consideration that you need is that if you are going to use the trolling motor for hours on end, you should consider having multiple deep cycle batteries to feed your variation electrical appetite.

Essential and Advanced Gear for Kayak Fishing

Power Solutions: Goldenmate Batteries

Goldenmate 12V 30Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Another alternative about batteries that you can have is the Goldenmate 12V 30Ah LifePO4 Battery, that is a revolutionary power solution. One of the advantages that the battery has is that it is 70% lighter than traditional lead acid batteries, offering over 5000 cycles and a 10 year lifetime. Also it is important to mention that it has a 5 years warranty. It comes with a new battery management system that includes cell balancing and low voltage protection. This offers optimal performance and safety. With a low self discharge rate, the battery supports the total depth of discharge and the state of charge. Also it includes the Certified by CE, ROHS, and FCC, it provides the highest level of safety. It is important to mention that the use of these kinds of batteries is especially for applications on solar panel wind energy storage, UPS, emergency lighting, Rvs, outdoor camping, marine use, etc.

Goldenmate 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Another importante alternative with more capacity (50Ah) is the model Goldenmate 12V 50Ah LifePO4 Battery. This model comes with 640Wh power output, and is a game-changer in energy storage, including over 500 cycles for a longer lifespan. It comes with an important warranty policy, including a full refund within 30 days and with a 5 years warranty. It comes with the new technology Iron Phosphate cells, This battery is 50% lighter than traditional options, with a 14,1 lbs, and offers 3 kinds of methods with 10 times the charging efficiency. Also this is important to mention that it is designed for trolling motors, RVs, tool trailers, caravans, marines, campers, and solar off-grid applications.

Essential and Advanced Gear for Kayak Fishing

Charging and Maintenance Tips

All batteries have their own kind of maintenance tips, but there are others that are general. In this section, we are going to tell you the main tips that you can follow if you have a new battery for kayak fishing activities.


The maintenance of the battery comes with a periodic that you have to check regularly to ensure your battery runs smoothly and without any problem. 

Check Clamp

Another tip is that you have to make sure the battery is secure against candle and the cable clamps and lead wire contact is proper. 

Check Regularly

You have to check regularly that your battery is not empty before you go to other places.

Essential and Advanced Gear for Kayak Fishing

Safety and Comfort Gear

Dry Bag

This is a bag made of waterproof material, that is a closure type for water damage protection. You have to look into the pros and contras of every style before choosing the size of the bag due the weight is another important factor. 


We know that the water is not an equipment, but it is very important. Stay hydrated on all your trip because it is something very common that you need the water on your body. Also you have to drink at least each 20 minutes.


To finish with the food, you have to mix every kind of food, for example, dried fruits or roasted chickpeas. If you are nutrient and with a high protein to have a better experience on your kayaking adventures. 

Essential and Advanced Gear for Kayak Fishing

Clothing and Footwear

The best clothes to wear on a kayak

The best outfit that you can wear when you are doing some kayak activities is when it is very comfortable, specially when the travel is longer than you expected or you will swim or run after the kayak fishing. Also, you are going to be exposed to the sun and any other conditions with that clothes. As a recommendation, provide protection for the weather and keep it warm. One recommendation is a thicker wetsuit for the colder conditions, and if you are going to suit for the warm weather, you can find more suitable summer clothes. 

Swimming from a kayak

You don't know when you are going to have the need to swim when you are doing some kayak activities, that's the reason why you have to swear the perfect clothes for these kinds of activities. It is very common that you practice some activities such as Swimming, snorkelling or spearfishing from a kayak, it is another way to recreate these kinds of activities. 

First Aid Kit

As we mentioned before, it is one of the most important accessories or essentials that you have to carry with you. There are some kits such as surviveware that offer a nice waterproof kit and comprehensive super durable.

Essential and Advanced Gear for Kayak Fishing


To finish with the recommendation, Kayak fishing activities are very common nowadays, but you need to carry things that are very important to improve the experience with this activity, some essentials such as a First Aid Kit, or a good Paddle. Also it is very important to mention if you have a trolling motor with you, you can add an extra battery from our Website Goldenmate to improve your experience and get the battery that you are going to need in the next trip.

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