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  • Sluh
"This 20ah has been an ideal battery (up from 12ah) for portable water pumping operations on the property for the garden, water transfer, etc. It will easily power a 12v 7amp 7.5 gpm diaphragm pump, pumping 600 gallons of water continuously with power to spare. I exhausted it completely with an inverter to power a mini PC to see what it would endure, replacing 268 amp hours for its 256 ah rated spec (a one time test!) The screw/10mm post terminals are secure and convenient."
  • Merriwether
I'm building an emergency solar generator for use with some low-power HAM radio equipment and this is wonderful for this. Being 10Amps, it'll be able to run my 5W transceiver for several days. The battery itself is quite light but feels well-made. Being LiFePO4 instead of the older Li-Ion battery chemistry, it's not quite as likely to burn down your house...but still keep a close eye on it when charging. A standard acid-gel battery charger won't work with this. You need a charger especially designed for lithium batteries, though most of those will have a setting for whichever battery type you have.
Overall, I'm very pleased with this battery.