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We provide a two-year warranty for the poor performance of battery products when used correctly in accordance with the product manual instructions.. The warranty is in effect from the date of purchase by the user. Please read the product manual carefully before installing and using the product and use the battery correctly under the manual's instructions.


LiFePO4 Lithium Battery LFP1220 Manual (20Ah)

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery LFP12100 manual (100Ah)

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery LFP12200 manual (200Ah)

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery LFP1210 manual (10Ah)


Frequently asked questions

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1. Are Lithium Batteries Safe?

2. Do I Have To Maintain This Battery Like My Lead-Acid And AGM Batteries?

3. Will GOLDENMATE Batteries Really Last 10 Years?

4. Vibration

5. Can You Overnight Ship My Battery Order?

6. Are GOLDENMATE Batteries Drop-In Replacements?

7. Can I Use The Battery In Temperatures Below 32F?

8. Will An GOLDENMATE 12V 100Ah Battery Have A Longer Runtime Than A 12V 100Ah Lead-Acid Battery?

9. How Much Do The Batteries Weigh?

10. What Size Bolts And Terminals Do You Use?

11. Do I Need To Vent These Batteries?

12. Do You Support Series Connections To Increase Voltage?

13. Does your battery pack have UL certification

14. Can I put your batteries in the battery case of Group27?

15. Do your batteries come with a charger or do I need to buy one separate?.

16. What Certifications Do Your Batteries Have?

17. What Battery Do I Need For My Recreational Vehicle?

18. I Need A 24 Volt Battery. Will Your Batteries Work For 24 Volts?

19. What Does Deep Cycle Mean?

20. Can I Use My Standard Charger?

21. Low (Cold) Temperature Charging Protection

22. What Does Your BMs Protect Against?

23. I bought two of your batteries, one of which is used It has a capacity of only 90Ah and shows that it has been looped once. The other pair in the battery is 100Ah with no cycles..

24. I Need A 24 Volt Battery. Will Your Batteries Work For 24 Volts?

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